Getting Press Attention for Your Business

Even if you run a small, local business, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get your business mentioned in the media. John Sternal, co-founder of the website, provides do-it-yourself PR information for small business owners and gives five tips on how to start getting the PR ball rolling.

Just be yourself

Arguably the biggest myth in working with the media is that you must have personal contacts in order to get a story. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Reporters want a good story that will be highly interesting to their audience, no matter where the story idea originates.

Don’t try to pitch your company

Your story pitch is not your chance to be promotional. The story idea you bring to a reporter will be about a new way of looking at an important issue, not a huge sale taking place.

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Do the legwork

You will increase your chances of securing an interview if you also offer up another person to be interviewed that can add some depth to the story, like a customer or an industry analyst who follows a trend. This other person should not be affiliated with your company.

Think big

Always think of the bigger picture. Even if you’re pitching a very local story, think of how it ties into a bigger national news story currently taking place. Small business owners think they have no chance of being on CNN, but the right pitch can get them in front of a national audience.

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